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Artist Statement - 

          "We live in a world of evolving distractions that steer us away from the importance of the present moment. Subtle events, which shape our lives and the lives of those around us frequently go unnoticed, often ironically, as we engage in social media and egocentric concerns of our own “status”. What is our cultural perception of reality? What are we missing and what will take us back to an awareness of what is really going on?

            Photography has long been used to capture the present moment. However, its depiction of the truth is subject to every choice made behind the lens. With that in mind, I use photography to create or recreate important moments that I might have missed, even in places that I have never been, which allows me objective insight into my own understanding of the human experience. The staging of these narratives is central to a concept that allows me to move in the direction of discovery, to evaluate my commonality with those around me, and to draw attention to the importance of a split second in time."  - Adam Daniel Watkins

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